Minecraft 1.20 – All Features Announced Since Minecraft Live

During Minecraft Live, Mojang stated they would be switching things up and announcing features gradually. This would take the pressure off the developers while also ensuring they do not overpromise like in the past. So, today we explore everything that has been announced for Minecraft 1.20, including playable mob sounds, updated mob visuals, and so much more!

All Features

Minecraft 1.20 Playable Mob Sounds Screenshot

Promised in a previous update but never delivered, bundles have since occasionally appeared in snapshots for testing. These nifty tools act as backpacks and allow for additional storage within your storage. Surprisingly, they appeared in the first 1.20 snapshot alongside the initial Minecraft 1.20 features that were first shared during Minecraft Live. Perhaps this time, they will make it to live?

Inventory Updates

While survival has remained almost entirely the same, the creative inventory has received quite the overhaul! Blocks have been reorganized, categories redone, and the UI is getting some adjustments too. Simple quality of life features for those who love creative.

Spawn Eggs

Spawn eggs now exist for mobs that previously had none, including the Ender Dragon, The Wither, Iron Golems, and Snow Golems. However, the Wither and Ender Dragon spawn eggs will only be accessible through commands.

More Bamboo Blocks

Initially missing from the bamboo woodset, Mojang has added “block of bamboo” and “stripped block of bamboo.” The first is crafted with nine pieces of bamboo, and the second is created by stripping “block of bamboo” with an axe.

Vex Visual Updates

Vex mobs are getting a makeover with Minecraft 1.20! They now share a similar, but much more frightening, appearance to Allay. This also adds rather sad lore implications for why Allays can be found locked in woodland mansions.

Piglin Heads

In the most recent snapshot, Piglin heads were added with unique features! If placed and powered by redstone, the ears flap. Similarly, if a player wears it while moving about, the ears will also flap. Piglin heads are obtained by killing a Piglin with a supercharged Creeper.

Playable Mob Sounds

Last but not least, playable mob sounds also arrived with the latest snapshot! Players can now place a mob head on top of a note block, and it will now play the mob’s ambient noises when clicked or powered by redstone. This works for all heads obtainable in vanilla gameplay.

Minecraft 1.20 – All Features Announced Since Minecraft Live

This article was made as of snapshot 22W46A, and much, much more is still on the way! While Minecraft 1.20 received an iffy reception, Mojang’s dedication to frequent announcements should hopefully sway the players back their way.

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