Minecraft 1.19 Mobs – All New Additions!

The wild update ended up relatively mild, but that does not mean there was nothing to check out! From the deep dark to the mangrove swamp, today we explore the new Minecraft 1.19 mobs, each well worth the search. But beware! One is rather terrifying!


Minecraft Frog Mob

The most common of the newly added mobs is the adorable frog! These new hoppy friends spawn naturally within swamp biomes and come in the three unique colors of green, orange, and white. However, the color is determined by the temperature of the biome they grow up in. Not their parents.

At first sight, frogs may seem like a more ambient addition but feeding them living magma slimes causes quite the surprise! Following the spicy meal, each frog will “poop” out a froglight block. The color of said block depending on the color of the frog.

Frogs will also eat regular slimes pooping out slimeballs which can result in some creative slime farms! But outside of that, our new hoppy happy friends spend their time swimming, sitting on lily pads, and sunbathing on big dripleaves.


Minecraft Tadpole Mob

When two frogs are fed slime balls, one will become pregnant and search for nearby water to lay eggs. After a short time, those eggs will hatch, and a tadpole will emerge. This sea fairing mob acts similar to fish and will swim about aimlessly until growing into a frog.

They don’t do much else, but be warned! Free-roaming axolotls will not hesitate to eat a tadpole or two.


Minecraft Allay Mob

Winner of the mob vote and all-around adorable allays have also joined the list of Minecraft 1.19 mobs. These blue angelic-like creatures spawn naturally within Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions, and after saving them from their prison, players can befriend them.

As friends, allay mobs will follow their chosen player and pick up blocks of a single type. For example, if mining, allay can pick up the coal as it falls and bring it to you. Through the use of advanced redstone and noteblock setups, allays can even be used within mob farms to move items around.

Otherwise, allays enjoy music, love to dance, and nothing makes them happier than their savior and friend giving them a cookie.

The Warden

Minecraft Warden Mob

The final creature to join the list of Minecraft 1.19 mobs is a boss that lurks in the shadows. The Warden spawns naturally in the Deep Dark Biome upon the third shriek of a sculk shrieker. Once summoned, it will hunt the player relentlessly. This mob is not designed to be defeated, so run!

Those that are brave enough to fight will find that the Warden has an absurd amount of health, melee attacks that one-shot players, and a ranged attack just as deadly. The Warden is also blind, so using stealth and distant sounds to one’s advantage is a powerful strategy.

For most players, it is recommended to hide and wait the 60 seconds it takes for the Warden to give up. But should a warden be defeated, their only drop is a sculk catalyst.


Minecraft Fireflies Concept Art

Some may recall fireflies being announced at Minecraft Live 2021, but alongside other content in the Wild Update, they were cut. We can only hope they will find their way into a future update.

Minecraft 1.19 Mobs – All New Additions!

Regardless of whether you call it the wild or mild update, none can dispute the quality of the newly added mobs. Adorable hopping frogs, allays to join us on our way, and Wardens to make us give into dismay. Which was your favorite of those added this time around?

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