Minecraft 1.19: Everything You Need to Know

Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update, will be the next major step for the series – and expectations are already high!

The Wild was first revealed at Minecraft Live 2021, and through the show, we learned a ton of major details about the upcoming update. We even got to see most of these new features in action, and we’ll see more as we move into Snapshot Updates.

With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update, including its release date, new biomes, mobs, and more!

Release Date

Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update, doesn’t have an exact release date just yet. Instead, Mojang has only said that the update will arrive in 2022.

This matches the deployment process for Minecraft 1.17 & 1.18 Caves and Cliffs – which was revealed at Minecraft Live 2020, then released in two parts through 2021.

Minecraft 1.19 will most likely come out all at once, as it’s not as massive as Caves and Cliffs which was set to be the biggest Minecraft update in the game’s history. We also expect Minecraft 1.19 The Wild will release earlier in the year than Caves and Cliffs did due to its smaller scope.

All considered we expect Minecraft 1.19 will arrive in Fall 2022.

New & Updated Biomes

Minecraft 1.19 will do a ton to make the darker areas of the game more immersive and terrifying. This includes swamps, caves, and Deep Dark biomes.

To this end, Minecraft 1.19 will offer some massive revamps and upgrades for many existing biomes while also releasing some new biomes as well.

The new Minecraft 1.19 biomes will include Mangrove Forests and several Deep Dark biomes (caves, underground cities).

Beyond these new additions, though, Swamps, Caves, and Deep Dark biomes (previously only see in Snapshot Updates, now removed from Minecraft 1.18), will all be receiving some significant updates. From new blocks to new generation systems, these more biomes will be much more immersive and dark. Only the brave will truly enjoy all of what The Wild offers.

New Mobs

Minecraft 1.19, The Wild, will add some new mobs to the game to fill in the new biomes.

Perhaps the most anticipated mob coming to Minecraft 1.19 is actually a mob that was revealed long before Minecraft Live 2021. That would be the Warden.

The Warden was first revealed at Minecraft Live 2020 intended for Minecraft 1.17/1.18 Caves and Cliffs. Instead, the mob has been pushed back to now be included in The Wild (1.19).

Beyond the Warden, the next new mob coming in 1.19 is the Frog, which will come from the final new mob in The Wild, Tadpoles. These new Frog mobs will very actively hop around their surroundings and will adapt to their native with several types available. These new Frogs include Snowy FrogsSwamp Frogs, and Tropical Frogs – but this could be expanded in the future.

Finally, the last new Minecraft 1.19 mob is the Firefly. These mobs will light up swamps and give life to darker biomes at night, making for a beautiful sight.

While these mobs are guaranteed to arrive with The Wild update, another mob was revealed at Minecraft Live 2021 that may also tag along. This is the Allay, a mob that players can give blocks, which the Allay will then search to find more of, and then even deliver these blocks right back to players (provided a bit of support from Note blocks).

Allays won the Minecraft Community Mob Vote this year, but the new mob doesn’t have an official release date yet.


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