You can view up-to-date information about the hardware we use on our Server Specs page.

Of course! Our servers are much like a home hosted server, where you have access to everything! This means that you can upload your own worlds, install plugins and configure them the same was as on a home-run server.

Additionally, we provide an easy to use one-click plugin installer (with over 30,000 plugins!) as well as a configuration editing utility tool, file manager, automatic task scheduler, backup system, MySQL database (and phpMyAdmin), multi-user panel and much more!


  1. Select the "Special: custom.jar" option from the jar dropdown in Multicraft and click the "Save" button found at the bottom of the page.
  2. Upload your jar file (or modpack files) to the server using your favorite FTP client.
  3. Rename your jar so that it's called "custom.jar" and restart your server.

If you have any issues with this then please open a support ticket and we will be more than happy to assist you!

By default your server will come set with the recommended player slots listed on the pricing page, however all servers come with unlimited slots meaning you can change them to anything, at any time!

Our servers are powered by Multicraft (latest v2), which allows you full and direct control over your server. You can manage the console and upload files directly from your control panel. We also provide you with full FTP access, enabling you to effortlessly manage your server's files.

To view screenshots and information about Multicraft, please visit the User Guide.

We provide MySQL databases, and they're FREE!

To get a database simply go to Multicraft, view your server, and under 'Advanced' click 'MySQL Database' where you can create the database.

Absolutely not! We host the server for you and it comes ready to use within seconds! All you need to do is connect with the IP that you receive in your welcome email or see in the client area.

Our Minecraft servers are protected by our 480Gbps DDoS protection and automatic mitigation system.

Read more about our DDoS Protection here.


MelonCube Hosting is part of a larger business, which allows us to purchase hardware at lower prices than the public and most Minecraft hosting companies.

In addition, we do not overprice our customers - which we see most companies doing. We have low profit margins as we believe that it would be unfair charging sky-high prices for the same service as other companies (who have lower costs and lower-end hardware), yet choose to charge significantly higher prices going as far as five times more than our price!

Lastly, we have begun testing company hardware and have clear aims to colocate it to further reduce our costs and the price we offer. There are also certain plans discussed with our providers, for a private data center to be purpose-built to further minimise our costs.

Setup is instant after we receive your payment. That means no lengthy waiting times, and you can get playing right away!

In very rare cases a server may not be setup automatically. If this does happen, please submit a ticket and one of our friendly advisors will have the server setup for you along with compensation!

We accept PayPal and Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover card.

International clients are often recommended to pay by PayPal balance for their own security. eCheque by PayPal is also accepted, however often delays the setup until the payment is received/cleared from the buyers end (may take up to 7 days).

Yes you can! Visit the client area, select the service and click "Upgrade/Downgrade". This will provide you with all of the available options to downgrade, upgrade or change billing cycle.

If you're upgrading, you will have to pay the difference of the plan for the amount of time left until your next billing date. If you are downgrading, our system will add the amount of credits that we owe you to your account. This is calculated in the same way as upgrades.

Our latest offers can often be found on our social media profiles (Twitter and Facebook). Please follow us to receive updates on discounts and giveaways!

Discounts are also offered for long-term commitments eg. paying upfront for quaterly (3 months), semi-annually (6 months) or annually (12 months).

We highly recommend that you pay for your server before it is due, as the server doesn't renew until the due date (despite the payment date) - therefore the sooner you can pay, the less you have to worry about overdue invoices and you don't miss out on any extra time.

Suspension: 1 day (after the due date)
Termination: 14 days (after the due date)

If you do not pay for your server it will be suspended 1 day after the due date. This means that you will not be able to play on the server or edit any of the settings or files for as long as the service is suspended. You can pay for your invoice at any time and your service will automatically reactivate.

Your server will remain suspended for 14 days, on the 15th day of being overdue the service will be terminated and all data will be wiped irreversibly and permanently at midnight (EST timezone). Once the server is terminated, it's not possible to recover any files.

All Minecraft server hosting and website hosting packages are eligible for a refund, within 3 days of payment for the server. Only the first payment for the service is covered by this guarantee.

We do not provide any refunds for Dedicated Servers, VPS, Add-Ons and Domains.

You can find more information about refunds on our terms of service.

Absolutely, you can cancel the server anytime. There are no contracts or obligations.

Your services with us can be canceled easily within the billing panel. You can learn the steps to cancel them here.

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