MelonCube aims to deliver high performance by utilising high-end and enterprise hardware only. We don't use 'bang for the buck' hardware, and prefer to spend a few extra dollars for something that not only works, but also exceeds our, and our customer's performance expectations.

Each and every one of our machines is built by hand and deployed within a secure facility. Each machines then undergoes over 1 hour of hardware testing, before it is setup and configured and once again tested to ensure that we're delivering a functional service, built to last.

We tend to deploy similar or identical machines to ensure predicted performance and stability.

Intel and AMD CPUs
Our CPU clock speeds are at minimum 3.4 GHz (3.7GHz turbo) per core
Error correcting and highly clocked, for amazingly high speed performance
SSD or NVMe drives
Powered by super fast SSD or NVMe drives
1Gbps Fiber Uplink & Downlink
Our servers are connected to the internet through multiple fiber connections
480Gbps DDoS Protection
Every single server is protected by 480Gbps advanced DDoS protection
Linux OS
The core of our servers is powered by open-source, Linux operating systems for reliablility
This is the latest hardware we've deployed.
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