How to cancel your server

If for any reason you would like to cancel your server, please follow the instructions below:
1: Log into the client area.
2: Click on "Services" > "My Services" in the top menu.
3: Click the little down arrow next to the "View Details" button and click on "Request Cancellation"
4: Type in your reason for cancellation to help us improve our services.
5: Select if you want your cancellation to be immediate or at the end of your billing period.
- Immediate - means your server will be cancelled within 24 hours by our system.
- At the end of billing period - means your server will be cancelled on the date it's paid up to and you will no longer be billed after.
- In either case be sure to retrieve your files before the server is cancelled if you plan to keep them, as they get deleted when server actually gets cancelled per your cancellation request.
6: Click "Request Cancellation" button.

What happens next?
Please ensure if your on a subscription with us, that you also cancel your subscription with us with Paypal. Paypal can sometimes setup an automatic payment to us, it is your job to cancel the automatic payment. After canceling, the requested service will be terminated in 24 hours (if 'immediate' was chosen). Your whole server will be deleted from our system and you cannot re-activate it and regain your files. So think one more time before canceling. 

If any information you see here is outdated please let us know creating a support ticket. Thank you.
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