Five Festive Minecraft Build Guides

Perfect for the Season!

As the holidays grow near, its time to enjoy some festive cheer! Today we explore five festive build guides to celebrate this exciting time of the year. So, grab a blanket, and enjoy some hot cocoa because it will be time to gather some snow blocks by this list’s end!

Christmas Tree

Be it for Christmas or simply for decoration, HALNY shows us step-by-step how to build a Christmas tree alongside the tools needed to make it shine. Its simple design allows anyone to have their own up in no time. All that’s required is some spruce, lanterns, and a lightning rod!

Festive House

Those seeking a build that perfectly pairs with their new tree need not look further than Eli’s Art Christmas House build guide! This easy-to-follow video perfectly uses spruce leaves and snow-covered dirt while also providing how-to steps on invisible item frames. Now that’s a helpful build hack!


If an entire build for one holiday is out of the question, then Grain’s 12 ways to decorate may be your style! This fantastic guide shows how to make existing builds more festive for the season while also being easy to clean up once the holidays are done.


What better way to send a gift in-game than with a giant gift box made of wool and clay? Biggs87x shows off an easy-to-follow design that will fit anything from 100 chickens to a supercharged creeper inside.

Festive Build Hacks

Last but not least is over 20 festive build hacks by Mr Mirror. Even if there is no intention to build anything from our festive list, the tips and tricks Mr Mirror shares will help in builds well beyond the holidays. So, if there is one video to watch, it is this one!

Five Festive Minecraft Build Guides

As the chills of winter finally arrive, we hope you stay cozy alongside a few builds from our guide. But with that aside, from all of us here, happy holidays and a very happy new year!

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