Minecraft 1.19 Blocks – All New Additions!

The wild update brought many new blocks to Minecraft. Some players are still surprised to find! For example, did you know mudbricks are now in the game? Neither did I! Today, we explore all the new additions made to the roster of Minecraft 1.19 blocks.

New Swamp Biome Blocks

Mangrove Log
Mangrove Leaves

Like with any new tree in Minecraft, there are new leaves! However, these leaves can be bonemealed, causing a mangrove propagule to grow.

Mangrove Propagule

Mangrove propagules are the new saplings of mangrove trees. Instead of just falling normally, they grow from the mangrove tree leaves and can be harvested.

Mangrove Log

The new brown logs of the mangrove tree, complete with red wood on the inside. Stripping them gives a smooth red block!

Mangrove Plank

Red-colored planks made from mangrove logs.

Mangrove Roots

Mangrove trees are held in the air by a maze of roots beneath them. These blocks look amazing when waterlogged!

Muddy Mangrove Roots

A block of mangrove root filled with mud.


Beneath the mangrove trees is a new muddy block exclusive to mangrove tree swamp biomes! Mud can be made with dirt and water bottles, dried to make clay, or turned into packed mud.

Packed Mud

A block crafted from one wheat and one mud block.

Mud Bricks

New bricks crafted from 4 packed mud. These can be made into slabs, stairs, and walls.

New Frog Blocks

Froglight Block

When frogs are bred, they lay eggs on the water’s surface. This block can not be harvested.


Frogs eat slimes, but if they somehow eat a magma slime, they will spit out frog light blocks. These new light source blocks take on the frog’s color, meaning there are three variants: White, green, and orange.

New Deepdark Blocks

Reinforced Deepslate Block

Sculk is an animated black block covered in glowing blue lights. These generate naturally in the deep dark biome and drop exp if broken.

Sculk Sensor

Sculk sensors look like sculk but with glowing seaweed on top. They react if they detect movement and produce a Redstone signal.

Sculk Shrieker

Sculk sensors act similar to sculk sensors, but after three shrieks, they call forth the Warden. Be ready to run!

Sculk catalyst

Sculk Catalysts allow players to create their own deep dark biomes. Every death on or around it causes sculk to spread to blocks nearby.

Reinforced Deepslate

Exclusive to ancient cities, this block naturally generates in the shape of a large portal frame and can not be harvested.

Minecraft 1.19 Blocks – All New Additions!

Minecraft 1.19 added a wild number of new blocks for players to enjoy! Some may be hard to find, and the deepdark is more than a little scary, but they are well worth the journey. Assuming you make it past the Warden and survive!

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