Minecraft 1.19.1 – An All in One Summary

Minecraft 1.19.1 has arrived, but not without an abundance of community outcry. With our opinions on the matter aside, today we review the latest update, all the new features, and more in our Minecraft 1.19.1 update guide.

New Features

Minecraft Allay Mob

Allay Duplication

Allays were quite hard to find. Not to mention how often they died! Thankfully Mojang has officially added a way to make your adorable friend turn into two. If handed an Amethyst Shared while dancing to a jukebox record, Allay will duplicate. This has a five-minute cooldown.

The Social Tab

When on a multiplayer server, players can now press “P,” bringing up the newly added social tab. Here players can be blocked and reported directly to the Mojang staff. If banned, they face a temporary or permanent suspension from all Minecraft servers, including those they own.

Chat Reports

Any player can report others using the previously mentioned social tab. Once a report is sent, it will be reviewed directly by a living member of Mojang staff. Should they deem it to break their rules, you are banned from joining any server or realm, including those privately owned.

“The type of behavior that will get someone suspended or banned is hate speech, bullying, harassment, sexual solicitation, or making true threats to others. Hate speech is talk that is intended to insult, intimidate, or threaten an individual or group based on a trait or attribute of their identity, such as sexual orientation, religion, color, gender, or disability.” – Addressing Player Reporting Tool

Notable Adjustments

Minecraft Warden Mob

Sculk Catalyst

Select groups were using Sculk Catalysts to gain a lot of EXP. They now provide 5 XP rather than 20 XP.

Chat Adjustments

Multiple adjustments have been made to the chat box and messages to accommodate the new social features. This includes the new signatures showing messages are verified and warnings when they are not. Be sure to check it out in game!

Bug Fixes

Finally, Minecraft 1.19.1 includes 50+ bug fixes to the features added in the wild update. For a complete list, please see here.

Minecraft 1.19.1 – An All in One Summary

Minecraft 1.19.1 may go down in history as the most controversial update topping the combat update way back in 1.9. However, if you keep your chat clean and don’t get mass reported, you should be just fine.

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