Five Must Try Modpacks

The best part of Minecraft Java Edition is its countless modpacks. From adventures in the stars to surviving amongst dinosaurs, there is truly no end to the possibilities. But with so many options, where does one begin? Today we will be exploring five must-try modpacks that we adore.

5. Better Minecraft [Forge]

Before diving into the deep end of modpacks, we have a client favorite that expands on the game rather then completely changing it. Better Minecraft! This pack still contains the Minecraft you know and love, but as the title states, it is simply better.

With 100+ new biomes, five new dimensions, loads of unknown creatures, and even quests, play Minecraft like never before all while maintaining the core experience.

4. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

Number four on our list will take you on an adventure that won’t soon be forgotten. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons creates an RPG experience within Minecraft, changing the game’s focus to that of a dungeon crawler. Building still permitted, of course.

In ruins across the surface, labyrinths deep in the earth, and dimensions across space and time, obtain loot and level up for who knows what new monsters lurk just around the corner.

3. SevTech: Ages

Are you a fan of rewarding long-term progression systems and technological advancement? Then SevTech: Ages may just be the modpack for you! Beginning in the stone age, work your way to the future unlocking ores and recipes along the way. But don’t expect any shortcuts! Ores and recipes are hidden until sufficient advancements have been made.

Age by age overcome the test of time in this one of a kind modpack. Our personal recommendation if you are a fan of Civilization!

2. The Pixelmon Modpack

The Pixelmon Modpack changes Minecraft into a different game that many know and love. Pokémon! In a world of new biomes, one will find Pokémon running about the wilderness. Each ready to battle and be captured. Like the real games, but now with all of the features of Minecraft included. Don’t have time for that? Then worry not for Gameshark is present as well.

Level up, battle friends, and build your own gym to become the Minecraft Pokémon Master!

1. RLCraft

Number one on our list is not for the faint of heart. RLCraft, or Realism Craft, takes Minecraft and makes vanilla’s Hardcore mode look like child’s play.

The brave souls willing to take on this challenge can expect an experience well worth the many deaths and hardships. But be prepared to manage many realistic aspects not normally found in Minecraft, including thirst. There are even mods present to prevent cheating.

Nothing comes easy in RLCraft, but that is what makes every achievement feel so rewarding. Join the ten million others taking on Minecraft’s most challenging modpack.

Are these five modpacks multiplayer compatible?

They are indeed!

Play all five of these modpacks and many more with MelonCube today. Your Minecraft server is just a few steps away!

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