Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 – All Mob Vote Mobs!

The third mob has been announced, and voting day grows near, but will fans be able to cast away two mobs in favor of the one they hold dear? Today we explore all three mobs of Minecraft mob vote 2022 to hopefully make that decision a little easier regardless of which you choose.


Sniffer Mob Vote Mob

The first mob to be announced was a dinosaur lost to time. With your help, the Sniffer will be able to repopulate the overworld one flower sniff at a time. These gentle giants wander about, sniff the flowers they find, and dig up ancient seeds, which means new flower designs!

Should they win, their eggs will be found in ruins along the ocean floor. Bring them back to the surface, and they will hatch once more!


Rascal Mob Vote Mob

Second to be announced was a mischievous mob found in the earthen depths. The rascal runs about in abandoned mineshafts and caverns, waiting for Steve or Alex to find them three times. Should the player do so, a reward is given for winning the game. An enchanted iron pickaxe, to be precise!

Tuff Golem

Tuff Golem Mob Vote Mob

The final mob to be announced was a statue crafted for your house. They hold items to create unique displays and, sometimes, wander about before returning to their statue form. If made with wool, they even wear little cloaks, making them perfect house pets!

Will Steve and Alex get a hat of their own as well?

Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 – All Mob Vote Mobs!

Unlike in previous years, most fans seem quite set on the Sniffer being the mob vote mob added in 1.20. But that does not mean the Rascal and Tuff Golem fans have given up yet! Campaigns are in full swing, and art is being shared for all to see. Which mob do you think it will be?

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