Five Must Try Minecraft Data Packs

Minecraft with friends never gets old, but sometimes a little extra can renew the excitement and bring forth a whole new world to explore. Today we share our five must try Minecraft data packs to spruce up your Minecraft world.

Minecraft Allay Mob


Minecraft is a game that encourages its players to explore, yet it is often tedious to find your way home! Thankfully the homes data pack is here to offer a helping hand. After installing it, you can set a home with a few chat commands and teleport back when your next adventure reaches its end.


Sometimes players want something between keep inventory and vanilla item loss, and that’s where graves comes in! This fantastic data pack places a grave where players die, and breaking it returns all the items they had at the time. No more item despawning!

Craftable Tents

Starter houses are often boxes of wood and dirt that never last longer than the first few nights. However, craftable tents offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative to those boring first nights. Some wood, cobble, and wool are all one needs to have a campsite where you can plan out the builds of your dreams!

Not to mention its late-game use as the perfect outpost!


One of the best parts about Minecraft is the freedom to do whatever comes to mind, but it is always fun to have a few goals to add a little extra fun for new and old players alike. With blaze and caves, the advancements feature receives an overhaul with plenty of new advancements to guide the way and challenges to test your mastery of Minecraft gameplay.


Finally, we have one of the most impressive data packs one can find! Teralith adds 100 new biomes above and below ground, giving renewed reason to explore the world. Get ready for plenty of secrets to be found!

Five Must Try Minecraft Data Packs

Minecraft Frog Mob

Our list has reached its end, but your adventure has only just begun! These five data packs are amazing on their own but even better altogether. Especially homes and teralith, for example. Interested in putting them on a server of your own? We have you covered!

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