Minecraft Legends – New Trailer, Details, & More

Mojang’s new, highly anticipated title is picking up more and more steam on the Minecraft hype train! Adding some extra fuel to the engine are exciting details released over the last few weeks. Today, we explore Minecraft Legends’ new trailer, details, and more.

Minecraft Legends All-In-One Summary

Minecraft Legends tells a story passed down from villager to villager. One of a war that once ravaged the overworld and resulted in a union never seen before. Leading this fabled army of mobs and allies alike was a hero on horseback. You, the player, from a third-person perspective.

Minecraft Legends is confirmed to be an action strategy game that will release on the Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation, Steam, and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Minecraft Legends – New Details

Alongside the new fiery foes trailer, we were given behind-the-scenes details in the first of many developer diaries videos. In it, they convey their desire for Minecraft to reach new audiences, emphasize that this story is that of legend, and that prior Minecraft experience is not required to enjoy.

The video then provides more details on the main enemies of Minecraft Legends, which will be variations of the piglin mobs we currently know and love. Not to mention their nether bound allies! It is then ended with some fun facts about Minecraft legends once being known as Project Badger.

We recommend checking out the full video above! It is well worth the six minutes to watch.

Upcoming News

Minecraft Legends Logo

While we do not have an exact release date, Mojang has teased that more details will be arriving at some point this month. What they will be is unknown, but one thing is certain, the eventual announcement will make the wait for this new game even more exciting!

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