5 Scary Mods Perfect for Halloween

The first night in Minecraft often gives players quite the fright, but with time and netherite armor, even creepers become nothing more than a passing sight. But what if that fear could be reignited? A way to make those dark mines something truly frightening. Today we explore five scary mods perfect for Halloween!


Grue Logo

The first scary mod on our list is one of the scariest to ever be released! Grue adds a monster by the same name that hunts players when they enter a light level lower than two. Should a foolish hunter enter the mines unprepared, they may not escape without quite the scare.

Doctor Who – Weeping Angels

Weeping Angels Mod Logo

Second on our list is one of Doctor Who’s most iconic monsters to ever air! The Weeping Angels mod adds statues that do nothing if you stare, but the moment you blink, they may seem a little closer than they previously appeared.

Probably Chests

Probably Chests Banner Image

What is Halloween without a few jump scares? Probably Chests adds some extra loot out in the world, but if you’re not careful, those chests may bite back, giving quite the fright! A fun way to gamble for loot if you dare.

The Graveyard [Forge] & [Fabric]

Looking to make your overworld a little more spooky? The Graveyard adds new graveyard biomes that generate naturally, haunted house structures that appear throughout the world, and catacombs that will put both your skill and courage to the test. Not to mention the scary mobs this mod adds to fill them!

The Legend of Herobrine

No list of scary mods would be complete without the Minecraft legend himself! The Legend of Herobrine adds Herobrine to the game for players to see before they die. Watch out for the fog, don’t go out at night, and it is best not to go near that “player” who has been watching from the forest since first light.

However, should your friends seek the ultimate boss fight, this mod also adds a way to summon Herobrine directly. Can you defeat him?

5 Scary Mods Perfect for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to share in some spooky fun, and with these five scary mods, players will again be ever so thankful to see that rising sun. Happy Halloween from all of us here!

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