Most Anticipated Features of Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales

The official update name has been shared, and to celebrate, we’re listing our most anticipated features in Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales! Be sure to stick around to find out which.

Bamboo & Cherry Tree Woodsets

Minecraft 1.20 Playable Mob Sounds Screenshot

Bamboo and the brand-new cherry tree are both receiving full wood sets! What does that mean? Each will have their own variations of every wood block, including unique doors and even a raft! Cherry tree wood is completely pink as well, so get ready for cute builds that go great with snow!


Minecraft 1.20 Camel Screenshot

This desert-dwelling mob has two seats, likes to leap, and is so tall melee mobs can’t even reach. What is it? Camels! Players will be able to breed them using cactus, giving the otherwise niche block more use.


Minecraft 1.20 Sniffer Screenshot

Winner of 2022’s Minecraft mob vote, the sniffer is an ancient mob that wanders about, sniffs flowers, and digs up ancient seeds for the player. However, the sniffer is extinct! Players will need sniffer eggs in chests on the sea floor and bring them to the surface where they can hatch once more!

Cherry Blossom Biomes

Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Wood Screenshot

Only one biome will be added in Minecraft 1.20, but it is one that is highly anticipated! Cherry blossom biomes generate in the mountains and are filled with cherry trees, pink blossom-filled leaves, and rabbits. This biome will also include new pink flowers that grow in three stages!


Minecraft 1.20 Archeology Screenshot

Finally, archeology will be changing up generation in desert wells and temples across the game. Using the new brush tool, players can sweep away suspicious sand to reveal ancient relics such as pottery shards and diamonds. Those shards can then be turned into decorative pots!

Most Anticipated Features of Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales

The only thing missing now is a release date! Hopefully it will get here before the summer holidays. As for the features, which are you most excited for?

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