Minecraft 1.20 – All Confirmed Mobs & Biomes

The final Minecraft 1.20 features have been announced, and now it’s time to test them out! Today we review the new mobs and biomes confirmed for the unnamed updated, each playable in snapshot 23W07A!


Minecraft Camel Screenshot

Announced during Minecraft Live, the first mob confirmed for Minecraft 1.20 was the camel! This desert-dwelling mob seats two, can leap long distances, and is so tall mobs can’t even reach the player’s toes. Players will be able to breed them using cactus, giving the otherwise niche block more use.


Minecraft Sniffer Screenshot

Winner of 2022’s Minecraft mob vote, the sniffer is a pre-historic mob that wanders about, sniffs flowers, and digs up ancient seeds for the player. However, the last remaining sniffer eggs are found only in ruins across the sea floor. Players will need to bring them to the surface to find out more!

Cherry Blossom Biomes

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Biome Screenshot

Only one biome will be added in Minecraft 1.20, but it is one fans have wanted since biomes were first implemented! Cherry blossom biomes will generate in the mountains and be filled with cherry trees and pink blossom-filled leaves. This biome will also include new pink flowers and a complete pink wood set!

Minecraft 1.20 – All Confirmed Mobs & Biomes

With two new mobs and a new biome, Minecraft 1.20 has been fairly well rounded out. What are your thoughts on the confirmed content for the unnamed update? Is it enough or lacking compared to the likes of 1.18 or 1.19? From what we have seen, player reception has skyrocketed since the latest announcement!

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