Minecraft 1.20 Blocks – All New Additions!

The unnamed update added a variety of blocks players never expected to find. Some of which so surprising they were almost lost to time! Today we explore all the Minecraft 1.20 blocks that will soon arrive.

New General Blocks

Minecraft 1.20 Hanging Sign
Hanging Signs

Being added to each and every wood set is a new type of sign called a hanging sign. This sign variation will hang from two chains on either side, changing slightly in appearance depending on what’s above.

Chiseled Bookshelves

Unlike regular bookshelves, chiseled bookshelves can store empty, player-created, and enchanted books. They also include redstone compatibility for book-activated secret doors too!

Piglin Heads

For those willing to take up the challenge, killing a piglin with the explosion of a supercharged creeper will cause it to drop its head as loot. These will be needed to put playable mob sounds to use!

New Nature Blocks

Minecraft Cherry Leaves
Cherry Leaves

Every tree has its leaves, and in this case, they are covered in pink blossoms with some slightly visible green leaves. Thankfully, Minecraft’s Cherry Trees blossom year-round!

Cherry Log

Cherry tree logs have a red bark and pink interior. When crafted into planks, they become entirely pink in color.

Cherry Sapling

Cherry saplings will drop with leaf decay. No unique techniques this time around!

Pink Petals

Pink petals are a new flower exclusive to cherry groves. They come in three stages, like candles, and are advanced with bone meal.

Cherry Wood Set

Cherry wood is receiving a full wood set completely pink in color. This includes everything from steps to the unique door each wood type has.

Bamboo Wood Set

Bamboo will also be receiving a full wood set in Minecraft 1.20! However, the bamboo boat variation will take the appearance of a raft instead.

Bamboo Mosaic

Exclusive to bamboo is a special wood block called bamboo mosaic. It is entirely decorative but still a beautiful addition!

Torch flower

Brought to players from the Sniffer, torch flower seeds can be planted on tilled land and grown into torch flowers.

New Archeology Blocks

Minecraft 1.20 Decorated Pot
Suspicious Sand

A new block called suspicious sand is found in the ground around desert temples and desert wells. With the new brush tool in hand, the sand can be removed, revealing everything from diamonds to pottery shards within.

Decorated Pot

With four pottery shards revealed, players can craft a decorated pot. They have no known use but are a fun decoration with four variations to discover!

Minecraft 1.20 Blocks – All New Additions!

Minecraft 1.20 added a ton of new blocks for players to enjoy! Some may be hard to find, and cherry blossoms are a rarity, but they are well worth the journey. Which is your favorite item coming in Minecraft 1.20?

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