Ranking the Scariest Minecraft Mobs

For a game about blocks, Minecraft can get rather spooky! So, today we rank our top five scariest Minecraft mobs. Jump scare warning!

5. Ghasts

Scariest Minecraft Mobs - Ghast

Entering the Nether for the first time is already scary in and of itself, but then you hear it. A distant scream followed by an explosion! Ghasts produce the most terrifying sounds in Minecraft, but thankfully they are otherwise easily defeated.

4. Wither

Minecraft 1.20 Wither Boss

The Wither is a boss that is scary for more reasons than one. New players will likely struggle against its many attacks, making it scary in terms of difficulty, while the mob itself is quite the frighting entity. Think about it. This monster is made from sand clearly depicting terrified faces and is topped with the collected heads of three giant skeletons!

3. Enderman

Scariest Minecraft Mobs - Angry Enderman

Rounding a corner in a dark forest and seeing two glowing purple eyes is never a fun experience. Terrifying noises fill your ears, the monster makes chase teleporting right behind you to always be near, and you never know from which way it will next appear.

Even in the light, they are not much better! That mouth agape is filled with so much anger.

2. Creepers

Scariest Minecraft Mobs - Creepers

Creepers by their lonesome are not so scary, but every Minecraft player fears that hissing sound coming from right behind their ear. Be it the threat of death, or destruction of property, their ever-waiting presence will never not be terrifying.

1. Warden

Minecraft Warden Mob

In the darkest depths of the overworld, overgrown by unknown plants, something waits just out of sight. Each shriek brings it closer and closer as it lurks in the darkness behind. Then, with a third shriek, everything goes dark as it emerges to the player’s fearful scream!

The warden is a mob that will hunt players across hundreds of blocks and takes away their vision. A lot of the time, it is already too late once that point has been reached. Mojang set out to create a mob that was truly scary, and we would agree it’s something they achieved!

Ranking the Scariest Minecraft Mobs

Minecraft has always had scary monsters, but its blocky appearance makes that easy to forget! However, we can’t help but wonder, what is your opinion on the most scary Minecraft monster?

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