How to Build Snow Golems

A simple way to make your server as festive as can be is building a few snow golems to wander about. They throw snowballs at enemies, leave snow on the ground, and are cute the whole year round. Today we explore how to build Snow Golems in our step-by-step guide.

Step 1, Gather Snow
Minecraft Snow Block

The first step in building a snow golem is the snow! If a snow biome is not nearby, mountain peaks or building up high are both ways to find snowballs on the fly. Then, using four snowballs, craft them into a block! Two snow blocks will be needed before proceeding.

Step 2, Find a Pumpkin
Minecraft Carved Pumpkin

Next is finding a pumpkin or pumpkin seeds out in the world. They are most common in grassy biomes, but pumpkin seeds are also found in chests. Once either has been found, place the pumpkin on the ground and right-click it with shears in hand.

This will create the carved pumpkin needed for the snow golem’s head!

Step 3, Put Them Together
Minecraft Snow Golem

Finally, it’s time to put the pieces together and create our new friend! First, place the two snow blocks one on top of the other before placing the carved pumpkin as the head. With a poof, a snow golem should appear and begin wandering around. For an extra surprise, try using the shears on its head!

How to Build Snow Golems

There are plenty of fun ways to use snow golems, from defense turrets to snow generators, but our favorite will always be a snowy companion that never melts, even in spring. We hope our short and festive guide helps!

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