How to Find the Warden in Minecraft 1.20

The Warden is one of Minecraft’s most terrifying mobs, but it is not so easy to find! So, today we provide step by step how to find the Warden in record time.

Preparing to Find the Warden

Preparing to Find the Warden Screenshot

Wardens only spawn in ancient cities and deep dark biomes, which can both take quite the adventure to locate. For that reason, we recommend having a complete mining tool set, a lot of food, and at least iron armor. Why armor? So, you can survive the Warden! Depending on the difficulty, the Warden can kill a player without armor in one to two hits.

We would also recommend some healing and night vision potions. The healing for surviving a few more of the Warden’s hits and night vision for overcoming the darkness status effect the Warden inflicts on the player.

A quick reference list of our item recommendations can be found below:

  • A Pickaxe
  • Iron Armor or Higher
  • Ranged & Melee Weapons
  • A Shield
  • Healing Potions
  • Night Vision Potions
  • Lots of Food

How to Find Ancient Cities & Deep Dark Biomes

Village Between Two Large Mountains Screenshot

As previously mentioned, the Warden only spawns in ancient cities & deep dark biomes. Unfortunately, where they generate in the world is random like much else in the game, but there are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Ancient Cities Generate Within Deep Dark Biomes
  2. Ancient Cities Generate Around Layer -51
  3. Ancient Cities & Deep Dark Biomes Typically Generate Below Large Mountains

Those searching blindly will have the best luck locating massive mountains and then searching for a deep dark biome below them. However, in the case of bad luck, the “/locate structure” command is always an option.

How to Spawn the Warden

How to Find the Warden with Sculk Screenshot

Mojang has openly stated the Warden is not a mob designed to be fought. However, those brave enough to provoke this monster can do so after entering a deep dark biome or ancient city.

Simply move about next to sculk sensors, and they will notify the sculk shriekers causing them to shriek. Three shrieks and the Warden crawls out to find you. Make sure to run!

How to Find the Warden in Minecraft 1.20

The Warden is a boss like none other, having more health than even bedrock’s wither! But their main value comes from having a terrifying mob that will chase players long into the night. A most wonderful fright!

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