How do I install a modpack on my server?

You can follow the steps below to upload a custom modpack to the server. 

Step 1. Download and extract the server version of the modpack of your choice.

Note: If you see files named “FBinstall.bat” or “ServerSetup.jar”, (or similar) run those files and wait for the required files to be downloaded before proceeding.

Step 2. Delete any .bat and .sh files.

Step 3. Verify that you have the “forge” and “minecraft-server” .jar files. If you do, rename the forge .jar to “custom.jar”.

Step 4. Use an FTP server to upload the modpack folder to your server. If you haven’t connected an FTP to your server yet, you can find the tutorial here.

Step 5. Log into your Multicraft Panel.

Step 6. Stop your server.

Step 7. Click “Open JAR Menu”.

Step 8. Go to the “Custom” tab and enable “Custom .jar”.

Step 9. Save and restart server.

Note: If you are using a modpack that is older than 1.7.10 Minecraft (For example: 1.5, 1.6.4), instead of remaining the Forge jar file to custom.jar, you have to rename it to customjava7.jar. On the control panel JAR menu, select Custom Java 7.



If any information you see here is outdated or you're experiencing issues please, let us know by creating a support ticket. Thank you.

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