How To Add Custom Mods on a Minecraft Server

Adding mods to a Minecraft server introduces new features, mechanics, and content beyond what the vanilla game offers. They allow for customization, allowing server owners to create unique and tailored experiences. Mods can introduce exciting new dimensions, challenging mobs, and diverse building blocks, expanding the possibilities of exploration and creativity.

Requirement: A mod loader must be installed to run mods on a Minecraft server.
Forge guide | Fabric guide | Quilt guide

Note: Verify mod compatibility by checking the mod description.

How To Add Custom Mods on a Minecraft Server
Step 1. Download a mod.

Step 2. Log in to the Multicraft panel.

Step 3. Stop the server.

Step 4. Go to the File Manager tab on the left.

Step 5. Open the mods folder.

Step 6. Click the Upload button.

Step 7. Drag and drop the mod from Step 1.

Step 8. Start the server.

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