How To Install a Modpack on a Minecraft Server

Minecraft modpacks are collections of mods, modifications created by players, that enhance and expand the gameplay experience in Minecraft. These modpacks allow players to customize their game by adding new features, items, creatures, and dimensions. Modpacks can range from minor and focused collections to massive compilations with hundreds of mods.

Note: Install a mod loader first before proceeding: Forge guide

Note: Check mod loader compatibility in the modpack description.

Note: An FTP client is required to transfer files onto the Minecraft server. Learn how to use an FTP client here.

How To Install a Modpack on a Minecraft Server
Step 1. Download the server for the modpack.
The Pixelmon Modpack for Minecraft 1.16 is used in this example.

Step 2. Extract the .zip file to a folder.

Step 3. Take note of all the folders inside. These will vary based on the modpack.

Step 4. Minimize the folder to use later in the guide.

Step 5. Log in to the Multicraft panel.

Step 6. Stop the server.

Step 7. Log in to the Minecraft server using an FTP client.

Step 8. Drag and drop the folders in Step 4.

Step 9. Return to the Multicraft panel.

Step 10. On the World field, change the name to generate a new world.

Step 11. Select the Save button.

Step 12. Confirm by clicking the OK button.

Step 13. Start the server.

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