Most Upvoted Minecraft Reddit Posts of All Time

The Minecraft Subreddit is home to over 7,000,000 members, and when that many fans come together, amazing creations are bound to be shared! Today we explore the most upvoted Minecraft Reddit posts of all time, and they are five you do not want to miss!

5. Hardcore Stats

During the pandemic, a group of friends decided to take up the challenge of playing a hardcore world but with a slight twist. If one player died, everyone lost the world and had to start anew. With those rules in mind, these are the stats that they shared.

4. A Normal Water Bucket Fall Video

Water bucket fall videos are by no means an uncommon submission! However, this one goes a little farther down than one would initially expect. We sadly can’t share anymore without spoiling it!

3. Mob Facial Expressions Texture Pack

Three years ago, a concept for a texture pack with mob facial expressions was submitted. Fans were blown away, and the author shared it in the comments, but the link no longer functions today. We can only hope it is still updated somewhere out there.

2. Steepest Walkable Staircase

During a period when players were competing to make the most optimal staircase, one user arrived and showed the pinnacle of walkable stairs. One that somehow manages to use a bell, cake, and trapdoor while functioning like stairs.

1. Command Block Contraption

Finally, the number one post of all time is a showcase for a crazy command block setup! The user showed off their automated ziplining contraption, complete with animations, sound effects, and a working chair. We can only wonder how many hours such a feat must have taken.

Most Upvoted Minecraft Reddit Posts of All Time

Reddit has thousands upon thousands of posts to explore, and these were only five! Those seeking hours of content need not look further than /R/Minecraft’s top posts of all time. We recommend giving it a try!

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