Minecraft Live 2023: Full Summary

Minecraft Live 2023 has come and gone, so we’ve prepared a full summary of events for those who may have missed out on the fun! So, today, we explore all the new content coming our way in our Minecraft Live 2023 Full Summary.

Minecraft 1.21

The biggest news released during Minecraft Live 2023 was the announcement of Minecraft 1.21! This action-packed update will be themed around combat, adventure, and tinkering, and it is already looking like a ton of fun!

The first major feature shown was Trial Chambers, where a new spawner that scales with player numbers will put combat skills to the test, and alongside it, the Breeze mob will be spawning to join the fray. This frightening combatant can activate doors, buttons, and pressure plates from far away, and it’s especially deadly in Trial Chambers, where the arena was designed to put those skills on display.

We also have an abundance of new blocks on the way! Many shown were cosmetic, such as the new copper grates, but there were also new blocks, such as copper bulbs, which provide lighting. Additionally, the Auto Crafter will be added, allowing for automated crafting when powered by redstone. Can you image the factories that will be made?

Mob Vote Winner

Minecraft 1.21 Armadillo

Next, we have the mob vote winner! The armadillo took home the gold with 40% of the vote and will be spawning in warm biomes come Minecraft 1.21. Players who find them will discover that they drop scute, which can be turned into wolf armor. However, the specifics still remain unknown.

Minecraft Legends Updates

Minecraft Legends Logo

Over in the realm of legends, Minecraft Legends was confirmed to be getting another major update! This time around, piglins are getting new units and structures to increase the difficulty, and mounts such as the frog will be hopping into battle to support the player and their allies.

Minecraft Star Wars DLC & Minecraft Planet Earth III DLC

Minecraft Star Wars DLC

Finally, two exciting DLCs were shown for Bedrock and Education Editon. The first Star Wars, complete with force and lightsaber mechanics alongside a full cast of iconic characters. Over on Education Edition, Planet Earth III will bring players into some of our world’s most vital ecosystems where they can take on the role of animals and experience their day-to-day.

Minecraft Live 2023: Full Summary

Overall, we have a mountain of content coming our way! Between Minecraft 1.21, Legends, and the DLC, it’s hard not to be excited for the future of our favorite game. Happy Minecraft Live 2023!

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