Minecraft 1.20 Pre-Release 1 Update: Dye Changes, Bug Fixes & more

The latest Minecraft 1.20 update is its first Pre-Release drop, meaning we’re getting much closer to launch!

After weeks of snapshot updates, the Minecraft 1.20 pre-release 1 update has arrived!

These incremental updates are always a great event to look forward to, as they offer players a more polished version of content coming in the Trails & Tales update. With the swap over from snapshots to pre-release updates, these will no longer be released every Wednesday, and they’ll focus more on bug fixes and optimization than new features.

So without further adieu, let’s jump right into all of the latest Minecraft 1.20 patch notes courtesy of the pre-release 1 update.

Minecraft 1.20 Pre-Release 1 Update

The first pre-release is here, but what does it bring to the table?

minecraft 1.20 pre release 1 cherry blossoms

Patch Notes


  • Colored Wool, Carpets and Beds can now be dyed to any other color


  • Added new damage types: outside_border and generic_kill
  • Random sequences for loot tables are now deterministic
  • Changes in encoding
  • string data sources for the data command now accept negative boundaries, which are interpreted as index counted from the end of the string


  • Players outside the world border are now hurt by the damage type outside_border instead of in_wall
  • Forcibly removing an entity using i.e. the /kill command now uses damage type generic_kill instead of out_of_world


The game now uses named random sequences to deterministically produce loot for loot tables. Each random sequence produces a unique sequence based on the world seed and sequence ID, which means a loot table will produce the same results when ran with the same parameters in the same world.

The ID of the random sequence to use for a loot table is specified in a new field called random_sequence.


  • File is now read in UTF-8 initially, with previous encoding (ISO 8859-1/Latin 1) as a fallback
  • File is now written with UTF-8 encoding

Bug Fixes In Minecraft 1.20 Pre-Release 1

  • When reaching the other side of a nether portal the animation plays forever until stepped out of
  • Encoding errors in
  • Several realms strings are untranslatable
  • Breaking animation is one frame off
  • Placing an end crystal when entering The End prevents Ender Dragon from spawning
  • When entering spectator mode while standing on the ground, the player moves down by 0.19051 blocks, which makes you fall down
  • The “Include entities:” string displayed within the structure block GUI is improperly capitalized
  • “datapacks” string is inconsistent with “data pack” string in “datapackFailure.title” text
  • Options background texture does not match dirt texture
  • ┬áIncorrect use of colon in options.hideMatchedNames.tooltip
  • Leash knot subtitles are not properly capitalized
  • The “Light as a Rabbit” advancement description has no space after the ellipsis
  • Lightning bolt related string lacks capitalization
  • Company names are still inconsistent and partly misspelled in the credits
  • Gamerule description strings within the world creation menu consist of inconsistent concluding punctuation
  • Game mode is sometimes referred to as “gamemode”
  • Some chiseled bookshelf interaction subtitles are improperly capitalized
  • Melon and Pumpkin are in the default ‘#maintains_farmland’ tag despite not maintain farmland
  • In the credits, “Lionbridge” is misspelt in one place (no “g”)
  • Music composers not listed in credits
  • Changing resource pack that overrides a font crashes JVM
  • Rabbits are no longer affected by jump boost
  • Menu text is now rendered in front of the Mojang Studios loading screen fade animation
  • The stepping_on predicate condition does not correctly succeed on trapdoors
  • Entities do not stick to honey blocks pushed by pistons if their center isn’t over the honey block
  • Nether won’t load in upgraded worlds
  • Items don’t respect properties of the block they are supported on
  • Worldgen deadlock caused by supporting block checks
  • Player can still gain a normal jump off of a honey block with precise timing
  • Sprinting particles on the edges of blocks are still incorrect

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