Ranking the Scariest Minecraft Biomes

Minecraft is by no means a horror game, but some of its biomes can still be quite scary! So, today we rank our top five scariest Minecraft biomes based on their appearance and what spawns within them.

5. Nether Wastes

Nether Wastes Screenshot

Before the nether update, the nether wastes, and a distant ghast’s scream greeted every player stepping through their first portal. Today the biomes are much more varied, but the nether wastes remain an eerie depiction of an endless underworld where one could get lost forever.

4. The End

Scariest Minecraft Biomes Screenshot: An End City

The End may not seem so scary at first glance, but for those with a fear of heights, it’s a difficult place to traverse! Ever the risk of falling into an infinite void from one misstep. And that brings up the question of what happened to all the citizens of the end cities. Did they simply vanish, leaving everything behind?

3. Soul Sand Valley

Scariest Minecraft Biomes Screenshot: Ghast Floating Over Soul Sand Valley

Have you ever stopped and listened in a soul sand valley? Among the ambient breeze are various whispers and screams. Some are distant, others right behind, and a few are entire groups desperately reaching out, only to fade one more time.

2. Dark Forest

Dark Forest & Mansion Screenshot

Night or day, mobs hide within the dark oak trees waiting to swarm. But for those that travel a little deeper, a mansion of horrors appears with open doors. Within, piles of zombie clothing can be found, allays locked in cages, and rooms filled with all kinds of dark rituals. And that’s in addition to Evokers, Vindicators, and Vexes.

1. Deep Dark

Scariest Minecraft Biomes: Ancient City Concept Art

The Deep Dark is the scariest biome, without a doubt. It is dark, a mysterious sculk grows all about, and if you’re too loud, something will begin to follow you from just behind. Those who don’t heed the warning will be greeted by a monster like non-before who will chase until none are alive.

Then, for those who make it deeper, a city with not a soul remaining can be seen. Its quiet roads leading to one single destination. A portal we can not yet power that has no in-game explanation. So, we have to ask, what were they fleeing?

Ranking the Scariest Minecraft Biomes

Minecraft has some pretty spooky lore when putting the blockyness aside. Are vexes corrupted Allay? Why do ravagers look like villagers? Where did everyone besides Steve go? So many questions, and we will likely never truly know.

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