Minecraft 1.20.2 Mending Villager Guide

With the changes added in Minecraft 1.20.2, obtaining mending is not as easy as it used to be, but it is thankfully something that can still be achieved! So, today we explore the process step by step in our Minecraft 1.20.2 mending villager guide.

1. Crafting One Lectern

Mending Villager Guide Step 1: Crafting a Lectern Screenshot

Step one is simply crafting a lectern. This is done by crafting four wooden half slabs and a single bookshelf before placing them on a crafting table in the shape of a “T.” Three slabs will line the top row, the bookshelf right in the middle, and the final slab at the center of the bottom row.

2. Finding a Swamp Biome

Mending Villager Guide Step 2: Cartographer Villager Screenshot

Only swamp librarian villagers offer mending books now. However, there are no natural swamp villages to be found! This means one will have to be created, which begins with finding a swamp biome.

Swamp biomes are fairly common and can often be found by wandering about, but cartographer villagers now offer maps for purchase that will lead players to the swamp nearest to town. In the worst-case scenario, those with cheats on can also do the /locate biome command.

3. Building a House

Mending Villager Guide Step 3: Swamp House Screenshot

Once a swamp biome has been found, it is time to build a house! It does not have to be large, nor does there need to be an entire village, just enough for a few villagers alongside their beds.

4. Creating a Swamp Villager

Mending Villager Guide Step 4: Swamp Villager Screenshot

Players have two options when creating swamp villagers. The first is to find a jobless zombie villager and cure them within the swamp biome. This will cause them to become a swamp villager. The second is bringing two villagers from another village and having them breed. Their children will all be swamp villagers, making it extra easy to proceed.

5. Placing Your Lectern

Step 5: Lectern & Swamp Librarian Villager Screenshot

Step five is simply placing the lectern inside the previously crafted house. The swamp villager should walk up to it and become a librarian. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for the first trade to be mending books, which leads to step 6.

6. Leveling Up Your Swamp Librarian

Step 6: Swamp Librarian Villager Trading Window Screenshot

The final step of our guide is leveling up your swamp librarian villager until it becomes a “master.” This is done by trading with them until they reach level five. As of Minecraft 1.20.2, a master swamp librarian will always offer mending books that you can buy, rewarding you for your time.

Minecraft 1.20.2 Mending Villager Guide

With that, you have a mending villager in Minecraft 1.20.2! We hope our guide has helped. After all, it was quite the journey that you and your swamp librarian villager made it through.

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