Where to Find the Official Minecraft Server List

Mojang has released an Official Minecraft Server List online, but with all the third-party lists, it can be a little troublesome to find. So, today, we explore Mojang’s latest endeavor and ensure your click does not go anywhere trying to be sneaky or clever.

The Official Minecraft Server List

Official Minecraft Server List Logo

The Official Minecraft Server List does not have a domain to match the name and can instead be found at This may change down the line if Mojang manages to purchase a domain with an existing name that better aligns, but for now, seeing the previously mentioned URL means you are on the right site and it is safe to browse.

Why Is the Domain Different?

Official Minecraft Server List Search Screenshot

Third-party Minecraft server lists have existed for over ten years, leaving most of the related domains purchased and owned. As an example, one Google search of “Minecraft Server List” reveals the sheer number of them all going by similar variations.

Official Minecraft Server List Vs. Third-Party Server lists

Official Minecraft Server List Badge

Third-party server lists once served as a bastion for finding the best servers around. However, as their need for funding grew, less then desired practices began to arise.

Many third-party server lists sold their top spots to the highest bidder and filled their sites with ads. Furthermore, unsavory servers that preyed on their player base could often be found using those paid methods to their advantage.

On the other hand, the official Minecraft Server List has no sold positions or ads, and all listed servers must comply with the EULA, Minecraft Usage Guidelines, and Code of Conduct for Minecraft Server Owners. This leaves the listed servers more user-friendly and safer overall.

Where to Find the Official Minecraft Server List

We hope our short guide has answered your question! Have you listed your server? If so, may the votes be in your favor!

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