Minecraft 1.21 Items – All New Additions!

Next in our series of Minecraft 1.21 additions, we have a cast of new items! So, today, we explore all the Minecraft 1.21 items, including where and how they are found.

Armadillo Spawn Egg
Minecraft 1.20.5 Armadillo Spawn Egg Item

As with every new mob added to Minecraft, Armadillos received their very own spawn egg. This one is a light brown with dark brown spots that matches the Armadillo quite well.

Armadillo Scute
Minecraft 1.20.5 Armadillo Scute Item

Armadillo Scute is the new item from Armadillos. It drops passively every five to ten minutes, but players can use a Brush on an Armadillo to get one immediately.

Wolf Armor
Minecraft 1.20.5 Wolf Armor Item

Crafted using six Armadillo Scute, Wolf Armor provides a defense equivalent to Diamond Horse armor when equipped to a Tamed Wolf. This item can only be removed from a Tamed Wolf using shears.

Breeze Spawn Egg
Minecraft 1.21 Breeze Spawn Egg Item

Like the Armadillo, the Breeze received a spawn egg as well. This one is light purple with dark purple spots, which matches the Breeze mob’s head.

Trial Key
Minecraft 1.21 Trial Key Item

Trial Keys have a chance to drop from Trial Spawners when cleared and are very rarely generated within containers throughout Trial Chambers. With no known use, many players speculate they will be related to currently unannounced Minecraft 1.21 content.

[Unconfirmed] Bundles
Minecraft Bundle Item

The ever-elusive Bundle has remained within the experimental tab for quite some time. So long, in fact, that it is odd that it is still there! Perhaps Minecraft 1.21 is the update that Bundles finally make it to live. In either case, it allows a single inventory slot to carry multiple items as long as the total number is still no more than 64.

Minecraft 1.21 Items – All New Additions!

The use of Trial Keys remains a complete mystery, so what do you think they could be? Our bets are on it activating the portal in ancient cities! (Even if it is a far-off dream…)

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Image Credit: Minecraft Wiki

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