How to Craft Wolf Armor in Minecraft 1.21

To the joy of wolf fans across the world, the armadillo has been added, and with it, wolf armor to provide our furry friends with some extra padding. So, today, we explore how to craft wolf armor in Minecraft 1.21.

How to Find Armadillos

How to Craft Wolf Armor: Minecraft Savanna and Armadillo Screenshot

Before a player can craft wolf armor, they will first need to find some armadillos. They are thankfully quite common if in the right biome, and the biomes themselves are not rare either. Simply wander about until a savanna, savanna plateau, or windswept savanna is found. There, armadillos spawn in groups of two to three, but put that sword away!

The item needed to craft wolf armor is called “armadillo scute,” and it does not drop when slain.

Collecting Armadillo Scute

Minecraft Spider Eye and Armadillo Screenshot

Every five to ten minutes, an armadillo will passively drop an armadillo scute. To speed up the process, players can breed armadillos by feeding them spider eyes or brush armadillos using the brush tool added in Minecraft 1.20. In either case, six armadillo scutes are needed to craft wolf armor.

How to Craft Wolf Armor

How to Craft Wolf Armor: Minecraft Wolf Armor Crafting Recipe Screenshot

After gathering six armadillo scutes, players can take them to a crafting table to craft wolf armor. This should be present within the crafting book, but if it is not, we have included the recipe in the image above. First, place one armadillo scute on the top left corner of the crafting table, then one on each slot of the middle row, and finally one in both the bottom left and right corners. With that, your wolf armor has been crafted!

How to Craft Wolf Armor in Minecraft 1.21

Currently, wolf armor can only be placed on an adult-tamed wolf with a right click and can not be enchanted or dyed. This is in line with horse armor, but hopefully, both will be expanded upon before Minecraft 1.21 goes live! What are your thoughts on the armor at this time?

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