Is Minecraft Legends Shutting Down?

This week, the Minecraft Legends team released an unfortunate announcement regarding the game’s future. So, today, we answer the question, “Is Minecraft Legends shutting down?”

Is Minecraft Legends Shutting Down?

Minecraft Legends is not shutting down. However, development on the project has ended. There will be no future updates, Lost Legends, or Marketplace DLC.

The Final Lost Legend

ML: Free Bright-Eyed Hero Skin

Players interested in taking a dive into the final Lost Legends can do so in-game as of this week. Snow Vs Snouts gives a snowy send-off to the game, complete with snow launchers and an icy map. Those who log in can also claim the new “Bright-Eyed Hero” skin from the Marketplace for free, as thanks from the Minecraft Legends Team.

Community Reactions

Minecraft Legends: Snow Vs Snouts Gameplay Screenshot

The community did not take the announcement well. Many were upset that development was ending so quickly, while others criticized Mojang for following a pattern of releasing games only to drop them shortly after. There were also many calls for Mojang’s focus to be turned solely on the main game.

But they were not without a bit of praise either. One commenter in particular was grateful that Mojang continues to test the waters with so many varying genres rather than playing it safe.

Minecraft Legends Production Recap

Minecraft Legends Logo

For those interested in the major milestones of Minecraft legends, we have gathered them below. There were also many Lost Legends in between, alongside some giveaways and events, which can be found on the Minecraft website.

A Game’s End

The servers will remain online, but now that development has ended, we will likely see the player base gradually decline. What are your thoughts on Minecraft Legends as a whole?

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