How to Get the Minecraft Cherry Blossom Cape

Many Minecraft players have taken notice of a pink cape filled with blossoms, but how does one get it? Today, we answer that question and more in our Minecraft cherry blossom cape guide.

Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Logo

On Bedrock Edition, players obtained the cherry blossom cape during the Minecraft 2023 mob vote the moment they voted or joined the Minecraft Live event server. If you did either, it should be among your collected capes.

Java Edition

Minecraft Java Edition Logo

To the surprise of many, the cherry blossom cape also came to Java Edition on October 26th, 2023. No announcements were made, and only those who voted during the mob vote obtained the cape. If you voted, it should be present on in the same area where you change your skin.

Why Wasn’t the Cape Announced for Java Edition?

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Cape

Unfortunately, no answer to this question has been given. Some speculate the cape’s release was in response to the mob vote protesters, while others believe it was merely a part of Mojang’s goal for further parity between Bedrock and Java Edition.

Regardless of the answer, we would recommend voting next year, even if you have no mob preference, to avoid missing voting rewards should this become a tradition.

How to Obtain the Cherry Blossom Cape Today

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Elytra

Sadly, it is no longer possible to obtain the cherry blossom cape. However, those who don’t mind modding them in can get any cape with mods like Optifine. It may not be the same as actually having the cape, but it is better than nothing!

How to Get the Minecraft Cherry Blossom Cape

We hope our short guide has helped clarify the details surrounding the Minecraft cherry blossom cape! It was quite a surprise to see it on Java Editon, and we can only hope those who missed it get another chance down the line.

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