MCC Pride 2023 Results – Winners & Minigames

The annual MCC Pride has reached its exciting conclusion, marking four new champions donning the crown. Today we explore the results, minigame winners, and what we expect the future may hold.

MCC Pride 2023 Winners

  • @Krtzyy
  • @mysticatLIVE
  • @ElainaExe
  • @GizzyGazza

Maintaining a player in the top five of nearly every minigame, Purple Pandas fought their way to Dodgebolt, where they defeated Orange Ocelots for the win. Congratulations to all the winners, especially GizzyGazza, who earned their second MCC Pride victory!

Minigame Results

In MCC, victory is determined by total coin count, with the two leading teams entering game nine. Purple Pandas may have only won three of the eight initial games, but their consistent performance left them with more coins than the rest.

  • Game 1, Big Sales at Build Mart: Red Rabbits (1648 Coins)
  • Game 2, Bingo But Fast: Red Rabbits (2520 Coins)
  • Game 3, TGTTOSAWAF: Aqua Axolotls (2181 Coins)
  • Game 4, Parkour Tag: Purple Pandas (2594 Coins)
  • Game 5, Ace Race: Purple Pandas (2400 Coins)
  • Game 6, Sands of Time: Orange Ocelots (3937 Coins)
  • Game 7, Meltdown: Purple Pandas (4387 Coins)
  • Game 8, Battle Box: Pink Parrots (4800 Coins)
  • Game 9, DodgeBolt: Purple Pandas

Future Predictions

MCC Logo

MCC Pride 2023 Introduced multiple members of Offline TV alongside many other new faces. However, can we expect to see them come the next MCC? It would be a dream come true for them to become regulars!

As for the minigames, the new Sands of Time Remix was received quite well. Perhaps it will become the new standard for Sands of Time appearances going forward. We would love to know your thoughts!

MCC Pride 2023 Results – Winners & Minigames

MCC Pride 2023 brought us cosmetics, remixes, and even new players, making this annual MCC as fantastic as could be! What was your favorite part? We can’t wait to see!

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