Finding your Multicraft password

When you order a Minecraft server, your Multicraft control panel password will be different to your client area password for security purposes.

Your Multicraft password can be found in the welcome email (titled "[MelonCube] Minecraft Server Details") sent to you after you pay your first invoice, but can also be displayed in the client area in the following ways:

  1. Product Details: When you visit your product details under My Services you will see that there is a "Change Password" tab just below the name of the service and menu bar. Once you click this, it will display your username (usually your email address) and your password which you can use to login to the control panel.
  2. Email History: If you did not receive a welcome email, then please check your spam inbox as it may have ended up there as our system may have sent several emails including payment and order confirmations which triggered the spam system. If you still cannot see the email or have deleted it by accident please visit your Email History and look for "[Endermite Host] Minecraft Server Details".
If you're still unable to login or find the password we recommend you contact support immediately telling us whether the password doesn't work, or you are unable to find it!
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