How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication for the MelonCube Client panel

Meloncube utilizes the powerful Multicraft panel for Minecraft servers, the Multicraft panel has helpful features that can drastically increase the security for servers. Enabling time-based 2 Factor-Authentication provides an additional layer of security for accounts, making it harder for hackers to break in and steal information or damage servers.

Note: The Google Authenticator app for Mobile Devices is required for 2FA. Use the links below to install it for Android or IOS
Google Authenticator for Android
Google Authenticator for iOS

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication For Multicraft
Step 1
. Login to the Multicraft panel.

Step 2. Choose the Profile tab from the top of the screen. 

Step 3. Select Enable 2 Factor- Authentication from the left sidebar.

Step 4. Click to Scan the QR code and enter the code given.

Step 5. Two-factor authentication will be enabled on the next login to the MelonCube Client panel, Enter the 6-digit code on Google Authenticator app to login.

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