How to schedule automated restarts and messages

We recommend that you restart your minecraft server every 12-24 hours. This allows the Random Access Memory or RAM to "reset" clearing out uselsess and old data logged from when your players have disconnected, unloaded chunks, and entities, etc. Following and repeating this simple procedure will ensure little to no lag that would often times be caused from RAM overusage and will show a significant preformance change in your gameplay experiene!

How can I configure my server to automatically restart during certain time intervals?

This is a simple task with the Multicraft CP.

Step 1:  Make sure you are logged into the Multicraft CP.
Step 2:  Navigate to the left side panel and click the "Advanced" dropdown and then click "Scheduled Tasks"
Step 3:  Click on "New Task"
Step 4:   In the "Name" feild you may name it anything you'd like to help you identify the task later such as "Restart".
Step 5:  Click on the text with data and time, then use little calendar popup to select when you want your server to restart.
Step 6:  Check the Interval  box, and select how often you want your server to restart. (every 12 hours should work in most cases)
Step 7:  Using the "Command" drop down menu select "Restart" (Multicraft CP has been preconfigured with the command to restart your server when you make the selection)
Step 8:   Click "Create"  The only last optional step is to make sure it works, and it should restart your server to whatever interval that was set!

What if I want to set a warning before the server is automatically restarted?

Step 1:
 Do as you did for steps 1 - 3 above (This is going to make a new seperate task)
Step 2: In the name box put something like "Restart Warning"
Step 3: Click on the text with data and time, then use little calendar popup to select time when you want your warnings to come up. For example if you set your restart time at 16:00 (4:00pm) and want a warning that is one minute before the restart, set the time to 15:59 (3:59pm) (one minute before the restart)
Step 4: Check the "Internal" box and set the same time interval that you have set for your restart task.
Step 5: Using the "Command" drop down menu select "Admin Say".
Step 6: In the "Arguments" text box type in your warnings message such as "The server will auto restart in one minute! Please prepare for  log out".
Step 7: Click "Create".

What if I want to Terminate/Pause automatic restarts?

If for any reason you'd like to cancle/pause automatic restarts, the procedures are almost identical for enabling them.

Step 1:  Navigate to Advanced > Scheduled Tasks  located on the left sidebar menu. (Assuming you are logged into the Multicraft CP)
Step 2:  Under "Name" the restart task that was created and named from the previous set of instructions should appear, click on it.
Step 3:  There are now two options, if you'd like to delete the task simply navigate to the left sidebar and click "Delete Task" if you'd like to temporarily disable the automatic restarts and be able to reactivate it later, locate the "Change Status To" and in this dropdown select the "Paused" option.
Step 4:  To save your changes, click the "Save" button. Thats it!

If any information you see here is outdated and or you encounter any issues please let us know by contacting us, Thank you!

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