How To Add an SRV Record for Minecraft Using Billing Panel

The SRV record is a type of DNS record that specifies the location of a specific service within a domain. It stands for "Service record." Unlike other DNS records that mainly map domain names to IP addresses, the SRV record contains information about the service name, protocol, port number, and priority associated with a particular service. This guide will point the domain to the Minecraft server using an SRV record.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for ISP/DNS providers to update the SRV record.

How To Add an SRV Record for Minecraft Using Billing Panel
Step 1. Log in to the MelonCube Client panel.

Step 2. Click the Domains tab and select My Domains.

Step 3. Select the Manage Domain wrench icon.

Step 4. Under the Manage table, select DNS Management. (If the option is not visible, contact support here.)

Step 5. Under the DNS Management table, select Manage A Records.

Step 6. Click Add A New A Record.

Step 7. Fill in the fields.

Hostname: minecraft
IPv4 Address: IP address of the server without the port number.
TTL: 14400

Step 8.
Click Add Record.

Step 9. Under the DNS Management table, select Manage SRV Records.

Step 10. Click Add A New SRV Record.

Step 11. Fill in the fields.

Service Record: The protocol/service followed by the subdomain.
To join using [domain].com, enter _minecraft._tcp.
To join using play.[domain].com, enter

Full Target Name: minecraft.[domain].com
TTL: 14400
Pri: 0
Weight: 5
Port: Port of the server's IP address.

Step 12.
Select Add Record.

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