How to Find Minecraft Education Edition Lessons

With how popular Minecraft Education Edition has become, more and more teachers are looking at its potential as a learning tool, but where does one find the lessons for review? Today we answer that very question in “How to Find Minecraft Education Edition Lessons” alongside how to browse them too.

What Are Minecraft Education Edition Lessons?

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Minecraft Education Edition lessons are starter kits or pre-made lessons that teachers can freely use in the classroom. They cover a variety of subjects ranging everywhere from math to history and even chemistry. The most famous of them is Hour of Coding which has become a go-to tool for students and aspiring learners alike.

How to Find Minecraft Education Edition Lessons

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Those seeking lesson plans can find them listed here. Simply scroll until subjects appear, select the desired subject, and then browse until a lesson of interest is found. Keep in mind the lessons displayed after selecting a subject are not the only options. Many more can be found by scrolling further down.

Minecraft’s Impact

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Many teachers are still skeptical of Minecraft’s benefits in the classroom, and finding information on the subject isn’t always easy. Thankfully, recent studies from Ireland, where Minecraft Education Edition is currently being used, are showing positive results.

Additionally, it has become the go-to way for students to experience subjects like history and biology firsthand. For example, there are entire lessons where students get to experience the life of an animal.

Those who have not set up Minecraft in the classroom can refer to the page here for further details.

How to Find Minecraft Education Edition Lessons

Minecraft Education Edition keeps students engaged and having fun while also providing a way for people around the globe to learn about subjects they may not have ever known. Besides, who doesn’t appreciate a free lesson plan?

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