How To Upgrade or Downgrade Service

Upgrading and downgrading services are all about making improvements or adjustments to suit specific needs better. When upgrading a service, it receives enhancements and additional features to provide an even better experience. This can include faster response times, expanded capabilities, or higher-quality outputs. Conversely, downgrading a service involves reducing certain aspects to align with cost constraints or changing requirements. This may include scaling back features, reducing support options, or offering a more simplified service version.

How To Upgrade or Downgrade Service
Step 1. Log in to the MelonCube Client panel.

Step 2. Click on Services.

Step 3. Choose the preferred service to edit.

Step 4. Under the Actions table, select Upgrade/Downgrade.

Step 5. Choose a payment plan from the package dropdown.

Step 6. Click on the Choose Product button.

Step 7. Choose a payment method from the dropdown.

Step 8. Select the Click to Continue button.

Step 9. Restart the service to apply the changes.

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